Plato No More (tinkerfuckbell) wrote,
Plato No More

Albums I recommend!!!

Cant figure out what to buy when you go music shopping? Well, I own over 7,000 cds. and I can always recommend something!

So. My top favorite albums at the moment!

Sunn O)))- White 1 & White 2
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OK OK...I know this is 2 albums sold seperately and came out at different times. But they are a collection in my head. This collection here is absolutely amazing. Shoot up some heroin, lay down in bed and listen to this. Pure Drone Doom. These cds are so heavy. fuck. Im seeing them live soon, and they are notorious for playing music so low-end, the human ear cant hear it, but your insides can feel the point where people actually shit themselves and vomit at their live shows!!! Cant wait to see them live.

The Melvins- Electroretard
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Cover album! They cover themselves, pink floyd, wipers, and others! great album. good luck finding it though. out of print and expensive!

Boris- Amplifier Worship
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Everything from drone, doom, to punk, southern rock, sludge. Heavy as fuck. AMAZING ALBUM. highly recommend this.

rock on!
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