Plato No More (tinkerfuckbell) wrote,
Plato No More

Music Ive been listening to Lately that I highly recommend.

1. Melvins- Lysol
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This album is 31:23 minutes long. It's 6 songs, only 1 track. This album is also known as self-titled because the Lysol company sued the band over the usage of the word Lysol. This album is SLOW, DRONED OUT and HEAVY then it lightens up and get more rock. Even includes 2 Alice Cooper Covers and a Flipper Cover. Incredibly Heavy. Easy Listen compared to Most Melvins Albums, still a challenge for people unfamiliar with the melvins.

2. Spektr- Near Death Experience
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Probably some of the darkest music I have ever heard...if you could even call it music. Its a mix of static noise, very agitating, very hard to listen to, mixed with random bits of brutal black metal. Its a VERY challenging listen...but I like a challenge in my music.

3.Corrupted- Paso Inferior
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This is 1 track, about 40 minutes long. This album goes along the lines of "Dopesmoker" by Sleep. Except this is much more darker, believe it or is Heavier and slower. Infact, this might be THE HEAVIEST piece of music I have ever heard. Very repetitive, it puts you into a trance. Lots of feedback. If you are into Doom metal or just want to try something new in the metal genre...check this band out. They are from Japan, and everything they do is in Spanish. Great fucking band.

4. John Zorn- Moonchild: Songs Without Words
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This new album is written and composed by John Zorn for Voice, Bass, and Drums. Voice is Mike Patton, Bass is Trevor Dunn, and Drums are Joey Baron. This is supposed to be a primordial rock attack on the mind. Brutal screams and mummbles over Chaotic Bass chords and Drums that remind you of psychotic bloodthirsty cannibals beating on skulls with rocks. This album is intense, fast, loud, partly improvised, and most definately one of John Zorn's many visions come to life. Somewhat along the lines of Naked City, except for this isnt controlled chaos. Its totally uncontrolled. First take is what went. Album was recorded in 1 day.

Check these out!!!!!!!
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