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I really have to rant....

Now, Usually...I really dont give a shit about most politics. They are boring and the people politics affect usually dont have a say in the matter anyway. But I have a question which surprises me because I havnt cared until this point. Why are we in Iraq? If I was given a reason, even if it was lie...I wouldnt care. But there ISNT a reason. so, Im confused. We have much bigger problems than a country who has NEVER attacked us. so then, I was told we are there to help change the Iraq Government...well, OK. BUT, I dont give a shit about Iraqis or how their lives are going. It doesn't effect my life. What does effect my life is when North Korea (An openly hostile country towards USA and has been for MANY YEARS) starts re-building a nuclear power program. We do nothing. Well, OK. Fine. I understand war. I understand the need for a war. Its a pep-rally like in highschool...but on a scale large enough for an entire country. I understand that protesting wont stop a war. There is war occuring down to the smallest 1-cell microbes which we cannot stop. How are we going to stop it in humans which are a great deal more complex? The answer is...DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!

We arn't.

Now, I dont support war, nor do I condemn it. It's a part of nature and with nature comes the ups and downs of life. War just happens to be part of it.
All I know is, I'm armed and I will protect my life and the ones I love until I die. Just like nature intended an animal to do.

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