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Livin life outta the mean streets.

Ive been getting tattooed almost every day for the past week. Ive gotten 5 tattoos since yesterday! I really plan on having full sleeves by the end of summer, plus possibly my back/ass/thighs ultimate piece started. I even got the inside of my ear tattooed today. I also got a tattoo that says "Money Ain't Changed Me" with a big dollar sign in all black and grey with total VATO script writing. its pretty funny considering I have like $40 to my name. but thats the joke...

after that, Erin and I went to some place and got Jewels put on our teeth. and it stays for like a year or something. Erin got a little diamond and it looks so cute on her, and I got a Gold Dollar Sign on my left front tooth. hahaha, itll be there for a year hopefully. its pretty tiny though.

well, time to go eat a Fried peanutbutter and banana sandwich.

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