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HOLY LORD!!!!!!!!

OK, first.

Mike Patton's new album, Peeping Tom, is fucking INCREDIBLE. You can listen to the entire thing for free on myspace. I cant wait to buy it the second it comes out and blast it until every word has lost all meaning. To make it EVEN better, its a complete collaboration effort with Norah Jones (yeah, that Norah Jones...and she swears and talks really dirty, its hilarious), Kool Keith, Dose One, Jel, Odd Nosdam, Dan The Automator, Kid Koala, Rahzel...and the list goes on. its insane. It's Patton's take on "Pop Music". its amazing. I wish pop music sounded like this.


Erin is incredible. I hate saturdays though because its the one night of the week she cant stay at my house because she has to wake up early 5am on sundays....BOOOOOO, But she really is the most beautiful thing in my life. I love her so much. Whenever I have a stressful day, i know I'll get to see her at the end and everything will be OK.


I Use a CPAP machine now. Which basically keeps a constant flow of oxygen into my lungs...I use it ONLY when i sleep because i have sleep apnea really bad and underwent a sleep study and fucked up. the oxygen in my body when i sleep goes down to 72%...normal is 100%...they get worried when someone's oxygen drops to 95%...that shows how fucked I am. They said if i continued like that for another year or two without the machine, i probably wouldve had a stroke in my sleep. thats fuckin scary. Also, i feel great when i wake up now when i use that machine. woooo yeah.


I take vitamins now! YAY FOR NEON YELLOW PEE!


Tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo. I got my blood borne pathogen certificate. NO, that doesnt mean i have a blood borne pathogen, it means i passed the course and now I'm registered with the health department. ALSO, a new thing they are starting in California is State Issued Health ID Cards...the best part is...WE GET TO TAKE OUR OWN PICTURES! AHAHAHAHAHHA, I dressed up like a zombie and look all disgusting and im just smiling all happy and shit. and i wrote on the form that my Tattoo Alias name is "Dr. Honest Abe". Which obviously isnt my alias name...nor do i have an alias name. And Example of this would be "Sailor Jerry" or "Bugs".

Ive gotten More tattoos as well...I got a huge Peyone Flower on the back of my left calf, I got a huge tattoo of LEATHER FACE on my upper left arm. Its funny how im a tattoo artist and I dont even have full sleeves yet...almost though. I'd like to have full sleeves...There is just never time. Or I could go to another tattoo shop and get them done...but i dont have money right now for that, But its all good...i want kevin to do my stuff anyways.


I made a Deviant Art page...I just started it, so I only have 3 pictures on it...but yeah! Check it Out!

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